Your website is very important for your business. Without it, you could lose potential customers and consequently lose revenue.

In this article we have listed 5 sites that every website should have.


The home page is the site where all the action takes place. It is the first thing visitors see and determine if an individual will stay on the site or leave.

Visitors should clearly understand the purpose of your site in just seconds. Make sure they see your logo and a call to action button (BUY NOW, BUT etc).


Avoid overloading your site with multiple, irrelevant images. Represent your business well using a simple design.

About Us page

The About Us page is one of the most important sites. This site is an opportunity for your visitors to get to know the company better. You can introduce yourself and the type of business you do. This way your customers or visitors will know your company better.

Website visitors usually ask for an answer to their questions such as:

  • Whether it is a private, public or family owned business?
  • Is it a big or small company?
  • What are the core values ​​of the company?
  • What is the history of the company?
  • Who is the creator of the company?
  • What makes the company special?
  • Consider tailoring the About Us page to the needs of the audience.

Product or services page

The product and service page is essential to any website. Its purpose is to convert a casual visitor into a frequent buyer. 55% of people spend less than 15 seconds on a given site. This is why the site of products or services should be great.

Product photos also play an important role. If you want you can put up a short video to enhance the visual experience.


The blog is a key platform for your brand. You can display product or service updates, latest trends, and answer customer questions.

The blog should capture the attention of the visitors.


Your posts should be of high quality. Over time, you can become known as a source that provides consistent and useful information.

Try not to use every blog post on your blog to sell the products or services you offer. Customers will quickly get bored and visit your competitors page. Instead, offer solutions and inspire them.

Contact page

Communication helps build lasting relationships with your customers. You learn their needs and desires about your products or services.

Think of your contact page as a way to support customers. The priority is to provide a great service, regardless of the visitor’s reason.

Depending on the type of your business, you can post the physical address, email address or phone number.